Story Synopsis

Thirty months ago, a mysterious horde crossed the snow-capped mountains to the southeast. They fell upon Lydia’s home country like the scourge of death, leaving cities in smoldering ruins and bloodied corpses as far as the eye can see.

Desperate to stop the tide of destruction, the Polisian Federation raised one army after another to face the enemy. But a string of defeats in battle left only fields of white bones. Entire noble bloodlines perished in the brutality of war, while all available men — from fifteen-year-old boys to sixty-year-old grandfathers — were conscripted and sent into combat.

In this darkest hour, the Polisia Federation received a divine blessing. The Protectress of Samara offered an otherworldly gift: the greatest military mastermind that time had ever seen, brought in from the distant world of Earth.

But was it too late?

There were almost no more men left to recruit. To turn the tide, the general would have to rely on the mass conscription of women — an daunting task he begins by deriding Lydia and every female staff officer at headquarters.

This is a story of camaraderie, fraternity, love, and war, of how the greatest crisis forever changed a society and its gender roles, revolutionizing a culture to establish one of the most enduring states on Hyperion.

  • Genre: Fantasy, Military, Politics, Action, Romance (slow)
  • Author: Aorii
  • Illustrator: Hachi-Hana
  • Editors/Beta-Readers: Kadi, Ahmsab, Himeko, SkychanSchuyler

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  • Maps (todo)
  • Fan Artwork (todo)
  • Character Reference List (todo)

Volume 1 – The Flowers in Boreal Twilight


6 thoughts on “The Flowers in Boreal Twilight

  1. Hmmm so I’m not sure but I don’t think the Imperium of the Great Khan is the same as the Dawn Imperium so does that mean that Kannon had to bail the Samarans out twice by sending them a good general?

    Also I’m guessing somewhere between 500 and 1000 Imperial for this story.


      1. Uh yeah that’s why I said I wasn’t sure.

        If they’re the same I don’t understand where to place this on the timeline though. Is the timeline still correct or have you changed some stuff?

        Unless this is Chaos after all and that Emperor of the North guy wasn’t a Hyperborean I guess? My issue with that was the tech, although I am not actually familiar enough with either military history or engineering to truly say.


  2. Will this series have less of a focus on the magical elements of combat and more emphasis on “traditional” rank and file warfare? That’s the feel I’m sort of getting after the first read-through. I’m not sure if that’s because you intend for this specific POV, or magical combat isn’t as prevalent during this time on Hyperion.


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